We Print And Ship Your Posters

Thank you for your order. 
What can you expect next?

  • We will print and post a high resolution image of your poster for review.  This usually takes 1-2 days but can be done sooner depending on your needs.

  • Three days before your check-in date, you will receive an email indicating that your poster has been shipped with 2-day priority shipping.  We track every order but you will be provided with the tracking number so you can follow it as well.

  • When you check in, the front desk will have your poster.  The contents of the box will include your poster in a protective shipping sleeve, a return shipping label, and some information/instructions.  When your conference is over and you are checking out of your hotel, simply apply the return label to the box with your poster inside and leave it at the front desk.  They will add it to their out-going mail.
Please verify that the information and poster content you provided is correct.  If not, contact us as soon as possible.  We are happy to reprint your poster free-of-charge if you are dissatisfied with its quality.  If you make a mistake in the technical content and need the poster to be reprinted, an additional charge will be applied.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding our process, please feel free to contact me anytime at
[email protected]

Thanks again,

Aaron Gerace